Schneider Electric launches newest residence

2021-11-12 10:50:22 By : Mr. hu xiao

The product includes an expanded enclosure system, which now includes 18 wide surface mount units, as well as a newly added flush-mounted enclosure. The newly launched products include a full set of protection devices, including MCB, RCBO, RCCB and SPD. The Resi9 series is Schneider's first end-to-end product launched in the Irish market, and it is also a key stepping stone for Schneider Electric to launch a complete set of home interconnect products. This release further strengthens Schneider Electric's position as a green and high-quality eco-label in Ireland and echoes their commitment to providing sustainable performance with customer value.

As Ireland transitions from the fourth edition of the installation standard to the fifth edition IS10101:2020, the launch of Resi9 is timely. The new standard was developed by industry experts from the NSAI Electronic Technology Committee (ETC/TC 2), which replaced ET 101:2008. These standards include requirements for the design and installation of all types of electrical installations, including housing, hospitals, agricultural buildings, caravans, construction sites, industrial sites, and swimming pools. 

From February 2021, the design and installation of all new systems must comply with the new standards, including the installation of surge protection devices (SPD). This component prevents voltage spikes in AC circuits. A key feature of the Resi9 series is that it has combined protection, which means that the protection of the SPD is embedded in a single device instead of two separate devices, making it smaller and more accessible, and electricians can more quickly Install.  

The new Resi9 discount range has the following advantages:

Commenting on the launch, Éirin Madden, Product Marketing Manager of Schneider Electric, said: "The launch of Resi9 in Ireland provides Schneider Electric as a global market leader with a unique opportunity to promote the development of the Irish housing industry and to set new standards in installations. It also ensures that electrical contractors working in this segment can use products they can trust to make their lives easier and safer. It is estimated that 34,000 new homes will be needed each year to meet Ireland’s housing needs, all of which are required It is suitable for the purpose and meets the new requirements. There is no better choice in the market."

Donal Cronin, an electrician at Cronin Electrical, said: "As you would expect from Schneider Electric, the manufacturing quality is very good. This is a high-quality product with more circuit board options than before. It is comparable to other devices on the market. Compared to the Resi9 housing, it has significantly more space, which makes it very easy to use."

To learn more about the Resi9 series, click here.

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