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2021-11-12 10:50:13 By : Mr. Qi Yu

In the new Starbreaker catalog, you will find a series of single-module miniature devices, including:

There are a full range of miniature protection devices and a series of fashionable consumer devices with additional features such as double screw terminals on the power switch.

Type A 30mA RCD is rated at 80A or 100A. The lockable lid can improve work safety.

Consumer unit options range from 2-way units to 37-way units, ranging from simple garage units to larger modern residential installations.

There are a series of Type 2 SPD protection units, instrument cabinet units, household switch fuse units, and cable management accessories, such as consumer unit templates, power supply end seals, expansion seals and flame-retardant grommets.

The Starbreaker consumer unit includes a unique finger-safe, fully insulated, plug-in busbar system, SPD, MCB, RCBO and AFDD only need to be plugged in, so the number of connections is reduced by 25%.

The plug-in system immediately connects the device to the bus and guarantees factory-quality connections.

The Starbreaker single-module miniature SPD is the only SPD that can realize instant power connection by simply plugging into the bus.

It uses only one method in the subscriber unit, and does not require special wiring or busbar components.

Its rated current is 100A and requires backup protection. This new device is suitable for all Starbreaker consumer devices.

The Starbreaker Micro AFDD is available as a B or C curve device with an integrated Type A 30mA RCBO.

These miniature AFDDs fit all standard Starbreaker consumer devices.

No special assembly is required. AFDD can detect dangerous arc faults that MCB and RCD cannot detect, and provide additional electrical fire protection.

Starbreaker AFDD is a two-pole switch used to completely isolate faulty circuits or equipment.

The Starbreaker mini RCBO provides a high level of personal protection.

All ratings (6A to 40A, B or C curve) are type A 30mA devices with two-pole switches as standard.

This completely isolates any faulty circuits or equipment items to maximize the safety of residents and maintenance personnel, but not all. The size of the micro RCBO is the same as the MCB, thus ensuring the maximum wiring space in the consumer unit.

In addition, there are miniature B and C curve MCB (6A to 50A) and DIN installation digital timers, contactors and bell transformers.

These DIN control devices can be placed anywhere along with other devices in the Starbreaker Subscriber Unit without affecting the bus.

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