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2021-11-12 10:51:55 By : Ms. cuihong li

Schneider Electric announced the launch of its new and improved PowerPacT Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) series at the 2021 NECA Conference in Nashville.

Smarter and more reliable series of molded case circuit breakers that meet multiple standards can help their customers improve operational efficiency and provide higher reliability. The updated PowerPacT MCCB has the following functions:

The new PowerPacT series can save time and resources, while helping to reduce risk, simplify installation and maintenance, and provide scalable upgrades to adapt to future environmental standards. The PowerPacT MCCB provides an opportunity for contractors, specifiers, electrical OEMs and distributors to help improve electrical resilience and alleviate circuit breaker tripping problems in hospitals, utilities, and electrical construction.

Schneider Electric also announced the launch of its new FlexSeT low-voltage switchboard at the NECA Conference in Nashville in 2021.

FlexSeT provides a new service model for switchboard procurement, installation and maintenance, which helps reduce project risks, improve construction efficiency and shorten delivery time. FlexSeT adopts a more simplified modular service model in all project phases to help accelerate deployment and achieve higher efficiency. The product has many enhancements to help eliminate the need for slower and less efficient manual processes. The new switchboard helps to improve daily operations through digital solutions:

The FlexSeT low-voltage switchboard is the first modular switchboard in Schneider Electric's new SeT series. The series adopts more modern, more consistent design and digital integration, which can achieve more simplified installation, assembly and maintenance, helping to save time and cost for contractors, distributors, panel manufacturers and consulting engineers.

Schneider Electric announced the launch of EcoStruxure Automation Expert version 21.2, which helps to enhance the functionality of its software-centric general automation system. The new version will focus on helping future-oriented water and wastewater (WWW) plant operations worldwide.

Water plants and sewage plants that implement EcoStruxure Automation Expert will now have life cycle management, IT/OT service integration, and improved automated system diagnostics. The solution also supports tight integration with the AVEVA product portfolio, further expanding functions and options for addition or modification when future needs arise.

Driven by the need to ensure water quality and the realization that water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, the industry has begun to embrace and accelerate its digital journey. Schneider Electric uses general automation to promote a higher level of sustainable water operations, helping the industry to make progress and progress.

The life cycle of water and sewage treatment plants is 25-35 years, and a single automation solution is usually maintained throughout the project life cycle, which often makes them obsolete and rigid operations. EcoStruxure Automation Expert allows the separation of automation software and hardware, providing opportunities for WWW companies to eliminate their reliance on proprietary hardware solutions.

EcoStruxure automation experts will provide a single platform that evolves over time in the water and wastewater segment, including:

The new enhancements of EcoStruxure Automation Expert V21.2 include:

Schneider Electric announced the launch of EcoStruxure Building Graph, a new building operating system and linked data platform. The operating system will provide a digital twin of the building for access to the data and control of the building system. EcoStruxure Building Graph connects the data between various systems and IoT devices by connecting the complex interactive network between people and buildings, and realizes safer data access and application development, providing additional services for building owners, operators and tenants. value.

EcoStruxure Building Graph eliminates some of the complexity of integrating building systems and accessing building data in an isolated environment. By introducing technology and system integration as the core component of the design phase of the building value chain, the building will be more future-oriented and achieve more sustainable, flexible, efficient and people-oriented use cases.

EcoStruxure Building Graph helps reduce integration complexity to deliver smart applications, such as:

EcoStruxure Building Graph unlocks opportunities through more advanced automation, interconnection and integration solutions, and real-time building environment monitoring to help create value.

Schneider Electric announced the release of a new generation of TeSys Giga series motor starters. TeSys Giga series adopts intelligent digital innovative design, which helps to provide simpler, more sustainable, safe and reliable customer experience for panel manufacturers, consulting engineers, system integrators, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Built on higher reliability and electrical durability.

TeSys Giga series motor starters are designed to meet the needs of processing machinery, water and wastewater, metals, minerals and mining, and various manufacturing and processing industries. It helps reduce engineering time and complexity, while improving machine reliability and helps reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime through many specific benefits and functions:

Schneider Electric released a new version of its flagship power distribution system EcoStruxure Power. This comprehensive framework and platform supporting the Internet of Things is designed to digitize and help simplify power distribution infrastructure to provide more reliable "always-on" power for commercial buildings, healthcare, data centers, industry, and infrastructure. The new version provides more enhanced network security features, improved connectivity and predictive analysis, helping to reduce electrical fires and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

The new version of EcoStruxure Power is specifically designed to help minimize power outages, proactively protect critical infrastructure and equipment from the danger of electrical failure, and allow better integration of clean and renewable energy.

EcoStruxure Power is specifically designed to help prevent business interruption and loss. In this new version, Schneider Electric has enhanced its "Continuous Thermal Monitoring" application to help reduce electrical fires and accidental electrical emissions by using wireless sensors to measure the temperature of key connection points of medium and low voltage electrical equipment and monitor electrical potential exhaust emissions. The risk of downtime. Connect to PowerLogic HeatTag. Schneider Electric also introduced a new generation of PrismaSet Active, low-voltage switchboards with built-in cloud connections, and ComPacT circuit breakers that help achieve operational excellence and simplify maintenance activities.

The EcoStruxure Power system architecture has now passed the IEC62443-3-3 certification, and can be configured through Cyber​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The components of the EcoStruxure Power architecture have also passed IEC62443-4-1/4-2 product certification, including EcoStruxure Power Operation software, EcoStruxure power automation system, PowerLogic Easergy P5 and PowerLogic Easergy T300.

Power availability is critical to business continuity. To this end, Schneider Electric has enhanced Schneider Electric’s digital log products to provide predictive asset management through PrismaSeT Active, MCSeT and Okken to help optimize asset management functions to further reduce unplanned downtime and extend the life of critical electrical infrastructure.

Schneider Electric is providing more optimized asset management for Schneider Electric's medium and low voltage power distribution equipment. The local connection of equipment with EcoStruxure Power digital services (such as EcoStruxure Asset Advisor) connects facility maintenance personnel with Schneider Electric service personnel through preventive and predictive analysis throughout the equipment life cycle.

With the emergence of higher energy efficiency guidelines in building and electrical codes, EcoStruxure Power provides enhanced functions for managing building consumption and measuring energy by integrating Edge Control software and energy sub-metering. Collect, store and visualize energy data according to ASHRAE 90.1, NEC2020, IECC, LEED, IEC60364-8-1, and can be customized according to local energy regulations and standards.

EcoStruxure Power helps optimize the capital expenditure of smart solutions throughout the project design, construction, and commissioning stages by further reducing risks and costs and improving efficiency. Since the initial launch of EcoStruxure Power, Schneider Electric customers have reduced their energy costs by 10-30%, which has had a significant impact on their bottom line.

In this new version, Schneider Electric has introduced a safer and more efficient connection gateway EcoStruxure Panel Server, which further simplifies the design, selection and debugging of IoT devices. EcoStruxure Panel Server provides connections with local edge control software or cloud-based consulting services, helping to reduce the complexity and cost from design to operation to further realize the potential of EcoStruxure Power.