Electronic stroke MCCB

main featuresAccording to the pole number, it is divided into 2 levels, 3 poles and 4 poles.It can be divided into two parts: distribution and motor protection.According to the residual current breaking time, it is divided into two types: non delay type and delayed type.According to the operation mode, the handle is directly ope

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main features
According to the pole number, it is divided into 2 levels, 3 poles and 4 poles.
It can be divided into two parts: distribution and motor protection.
According to the residual current breaking time, it is divided into two types: non delay type and delayed type.
According to the operation mode, the handle is directly operated, the handle is rotated and the motor is operated;

The rated insulation voltage of SRM1E series residual current operated circuit breakers is 690V. It is mainly used in the circuit of 50 Hz AC, 400 V rated voltage, 800A rated current for non-frequent conversion and motor starting. The circuit breakers have the functions of overload, short circuit and under-voltage protection, and can protect the lines and power supply equipment from damage. At the same time, it can also provide protection against long-standing grounding faults which can not be detected by overcurrent protection. Conventional circuit breaker leakage protection module with residual current protection has two-phase working power supply sampling. This series of plastic case circuit breakers are three-phase, any phase is missing, and the circuit breaker leakage protection module can still work. Normal operation; rated residual action current L Delta n adjustable; residual current action time adjustable, with leakage alarm output function.
The circuit breaker implements the following criteria:
General principles of IEC60947-1 and GB14048.1 2000;
IEC 60947-2 and GB14048.2 "2000" Low Voltage Circuit Breakers and Appendix F with Electronic Overcurrent Protection Circuit Breakers Additional Requirements;
IEC60947-4 and GB14048.4 contactor and motor starter;
IEC60947-5.1 and GB14048.5 electromechanical control circuit electrical apparatus.

Main technical parameters
Shell current100225400630,800
Rated current10,16,25,32
Pole number234234234234
Rated insulation voltage
Rated working voltage
Rated impulse withstand voltage8000
Arc distance50100
Limiting short circuit segmentation capability50506565
Operation short circuit segmentation capability35324242
Rated residual short circuit connection (segmentation) capability8.7512.5 8.7512.5 12.513.5 12.513.5 

Rated residual action current
Non delay type30/100/500/100/300/5000/100/500/100/300/500100/300/500300/50031000
Rated residual no action current 1/2IΔ-n1/2IΔ-n1/2IΔ-n1/2IΔ-n
Operational performance

Non electricity8500700040004000
Total number of times10000800050005000
Residual current protection action time IΔ-n2IΔ-n5IΔ-n10IΔ-n

Maximum segmentation time
Non delay type0.
Electronic Trip MCCB
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       Longroad Electric Co.ltd  founded in 2010, is located in the largest manufacturing base of low-voltage electric equipment of Liushi China, which is called "the Electric Device Metropolis of China". Longroad Electric specialized in the industrial electrical appliance, high-low voltage electrical equipment integrated with R&D, Manufacturing, International trade and service.
       Longroad Electric Co,ltd regards quality of products as life,Longroad Electric Co.,ltd  has been granted ISO9001 management system certifications. The comprehensive product line has more than 1000 models which have been approved by TUV, CE, CQC, SGS, ROHS,SASO. the products sells well to UK,Spain,Portugal,Singapore,Turkey,Russia, Korea,South Africa... more than 70 countries and regions.
       Longroad Electric Co.ltd is always striving hard to provide the best services and competitve pricing to all customers.

Corporate Culture
Enterprise policy: market oriented; technology driven; quality for survival; brand for developmentBusiness philosophy: provide value for customers; seek development for employees; take responsibility for societyTalent view: the sea embraces all rivers and makes Jiaolong soar; the thousand boats compete to make the best of the worldQuality policy: people-oriented, pragmatic and innovative; pursuing quality and serving the marketEnterprise spirit: harmony, modesty, pragmatism and developmentCustomer service: think for customers; be responsible for customers; make customers satisfiedEnterprise goal: to build an electrical manufacturing enterprise

service Idea
        "Integrity first, quality first" is the basic tenet of our company.Our quality policy is: installation specifications, timely maintenance. Abide by the contract, serve sincerely and meet the needs of customers. We know that product quality is the basic and key factor of enterprise competitiveness, and service is the extension of product quality and one of the important factors of enterprise competition. We are determined to treat our customers with "integrity":
1, All aspects of sincere service. That is, from the customer's electricity use report, engineering design, equipment procurement, installation and construction, equipment commissioning and acceptance, completion and power receiving to the test and detection during the future operation. We all provide all-round, whole process sincere service, try our best to meet the needs of customers.
2, High quality returns. We strictly follow the provisions and requirements of the contract terms and engineering design on the equipment, and provide qualified products that meet the requirements, so as to complete the engineering construction and installation tasks within the specified time limit with the installation technology level.
3, Active and stable aftercare service. We provide 24-hour emergency service after the project is powered on, that is, in case of abnormal operation of equipment or accident power failure, as long as the customer calls us, we will rush to the site immediately, remove the fault and resume power transmission.


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