Using MCB Not According to PLN Standards Can Cause Fire -

2022-09-10 09:24:31 By : Ms. LINDA LI

Report of the Pontianak Tribune Journalist, Rizky Prabowo RahinoTRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID, SINTANG – State Electricity Company (PLN) Persero Rayon Sintang emphasized that it would take action against naughty PLN customers.In addition to customers who add power without permission, PLN will also take action against customers who are caught using a Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) or a stud that does not meet PLN standards."The Electricity Usage Control Team (P2TL) continues to carry out operations. For customers who do not use MCB according to PLN standards, we will give a warning," said PLN Sintang Rayon Manager Pamuji Iriawan to the Pontianak Tribune, Tuesday (3/1/2017).If you don't want to be disconnected, then PLN will immediately replace it with a standard PLN MCB.Based on monitoring, Pamuji does not deny that until now customers still use MCB purchased from the market."Replaced the brand is strange in the market.Even though the risk is very large, it can cause a short circuit that can lead to a fire,” he added.Pamuji added that PLN's MCB has the capacity to limit electricity use.For example, 2 Ampere (A) for 450 VA, if there is more electricity, it will automatically turn itself off.“If the MCB is purchased in the market, it is not automatic.It's like a switch.When the use of electricity is more, it will not turn off and continue to live.Hot, melted, burned the kwh meter, then the house caught fire.Even though there are standards for home electrical installations, cables are also standardized," he explained.In addition, there are many cases of PLN customers using PLN's standard MCBs but adding cables so that it affects the power limiter."So you want to use whatever power you can.This is a clear violation, the PLN registers for 450 VA power, but the MCB is replaced or the cable is provided so that it has 2,200 VA power or the equivalent of 10 amperes.Pay 450 VA, "Pamuji asked PLN customers not to take actions outside the provisions made by PLN, because this could be dangerous and could cause a short circuit and cause a fire."We want to understand this risk.Everything has standards and rules.If you violate, there will be consequences.Use MCB or PLN standard Stut," he said.