The Marine Corps has improved the list of approved combat and RAT boots

2021-11-22 08:59:13 By : Ms. Jennifer Si

With the boot’s adoption date October 1, 2016, Marine Corps officials set out to eliminate any confusion about which specific boots the Marine Corps can wear.

On March 2 last week, the Marine Corps System Command identified four brands in the Marine Corps Administrative News 117/16. Each brand has temperate and hot weather variants, and Danner Rugged All-Terrain boots approved at the same time The list is still acceptable.

"The purpose of this Maradmin... is to inform and clarify which boots are optional," said Barb Hamby, a SYSCOM spokesperson at Quantico, a Marine Corps base in Virginia. "This is consistent with the commander's hope that the Marine Corps can choose affordable high-quality boots."

The clarification was made after Commander General Robert Neller changed the previous policy of requiring all Marines to replace MCCBs in order to put on RAT boots. In November last year, the policy of compulsory RAT boots and phase-out of MCCB was revoked before the decision to abolish the Legion last November.

MCCB was first put into use in 2002, and its cost is about one-third of RAT boots. Due to the longer life expectancy, replacing the RAT boots also cost the Marines $31.07 from their annual clothing allowance.

After the service decided to phase out the MCCB, RAT led to become a standard issue for military candidates and military candidate school recruits in 2015. The new Marine Corps will continue to receive RAT boots at the end of the 2016 fiscal year, after which recruits and officer candidates will begin to receive MCCB again.

The following is a breakdown of the Marine Corps’ current authorized footwear, as well as the name and cost of the boots on the brand’s website:

Marine Corps combat boots: Danner style number. 26025 (mild weather), Marine 8" Mojave GTX, 300 USD Danner style number 26027 (hot weather), Marine 8" Mojave, 290 USD Belleville style number. 500 (TW), USMC Hot Weather Steel Toe Boot (EGA), $182 Belleville style no. 590 (HW), USMC Hot Weather Combat Boot (EGA), McRae style for $171. 8286 (TW), USMC mild weather boots for military specifications, McRae style number for $163.95. 8187 (HW), specification USMC Hot Weather Boot, Bates style for $135.95. E50501 (TW), Lites USMC Durashocks® boots, $229.95 Bates style number. E30501 (HW), USMC Durashocks® Hot Weather Boot, $249.95 Rugged all-terrain boots: Danner style No. 15670X (HW), USMC RAT 8" Mojave, $340 Danner style No. 15660X (TW), USMC RATTX 8" Moja , 350 USD