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2021-11-12 11:24:15 By : Ms. Ruth Zhang

Author: CODY WHISENHUNT, CEO of BCS Switchgear

BCS Switchgear focuses on providing emergency blasting switchgear and switchgear accessories for factories. BCS uses its switchgear inventory from 480 volts (V) to 15 kilovolts (KV) to provide customers in the industrial electrical market with a fast and efficient switchgear series. This value-added method of internal circuit breaker inventory and switchgear makes BCS a leader among switchgear suppliers.

A customer exploded in the main switchgear and circuit breaker of a military ammunition factory.

Plant engineers and electrical maintenance operators believe that BCS is the first choice in the industry, and can relax in emergency situations and when adding equipment in the factory and need to match certain existing switchgear; BCS has met your needs.

BCS was established in 1998 and has been stocking switchgear series for the past 23 years. The continuing demand for faulty switchgear has existed for decades. Switchgear has always been and will always be located in some of the harshest environments, because factories using it are located in heavy industry sites in the United States and around the world.

The following are some examples of BCS providing emergency switchgear for customers in need or customers who just purchase switchgear to add to their current facilities: BCS provides an outdoor walk-in cabinet, which is a Cutler hammer 5,000 amp trunk line With several 800-1,600-amplifier feeders for the Tennessee Cotton Seed Plant (after an emergency explosion), 7-10 days delivery; two 4,160 63 KAIC 1,200-amp main power supplies and five 1,200-amp feeders arrive Sawmill in Georgia (extended lineup), six weeks for shipment; one 15-KV 3,000-amp mainline and 17 1,200-amp feeders to customers in Canada (after an emergency explosion), five days for shipment.

Outdoor NEMA 3R 3,000 amp, 4,160 volt cabinet provided by BCS.

All these lineups either saved the company from stopping production, or because the manufacturer was unable to deliver on time, BCS was able to meet and exceed the time frame that the manufacturer could not handle. BCS keeps these customers up and running, so they can get their employees back to work with minimal downtime.

BCS can provide parts for complete substations, including 5-15-KV fuse switches, transformers, and indoor (NEMA 1) or outdoor (NEMA 3R) switchgear to help you resume operation or add to existing facilities for expansion.

For a military ammunition plant, BCS used a Cutler Hammer Outdoor NEMA 3R cabinet with 50VCPW350 3,000 amps, 120 volt control and 41 KAIC rated circuit breakers; one SEL751 relay; one with two 4160:120 PT voltage transformers (PT ) Drawer; control power transformer 4160: 120/240 10 kVA; and 3,000 ampere current transformer, rewire the cabinet, spray paint, set the relay to the customer’s old overcurrent relay, test and ship the cabinet within 7 days, Let the customer restart and run.

BCS’s rapid response time to emergency switchgear requests has helped many companies restore power to their facilities and re-engage their manufacturing processes to meet customer needs. This value-added response approach makes BCS Switchgear a leader in industrial utilities, manufacturers, and refineries as switchgear suppliers.

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Author: CODY WHISENHUNT, CEO of BCS Switchgear

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